About Gipcco

GIPCCO was born from the creative heart of its founder; Carolina Escudero. Born in Cordoba, Argentina in the late 70s, Carolina embarked on a creative journey through the world of fashion. Her deep-rooted fascination for fabrics, textures, vibrant colors and intricate details, along with her insatiable curiosity and exploration of diverse cultures and traditions, have nurtured a profound passion for fashion design and have become the source of inspiration for the unique essence of Gipcco’s designs and collections.


Gipcco's collections go beyond the ordinary, capturing the spirit of the extraordinary. Each piece is a true bohemian masterpiece; a tangible representation of the passion, dedication, and inspiration that goes into its creation. Our garments are meticulously crafted using fabrics sourced from every corner of the world, capturing the rich tapestry of humanity. 


Gipcco Design is more than a mere fashion label; it is an invitation to embrace one's uniqueness, to celebrate the kaleidoscope of diversity that surrounds us. Our brand is an ode to the visionaries, the adventurers, the creative and free-spirited—those who dare to stand out and embrace the beauty of their own soul and spirit. Our eternal mission is to inspire individuals to be unapologetically themselves and to cherish their journey of self-discovery through the language of fashion. Step into a world where true style knows no boundaries and let us weave a tapestry of beauty, innovation, and authenticity that shakes the world of fashion. 

GIPCCO is currently based in Miami, FL., where each garment is both designed and crafted. Our exclusive Showroom is located in Brickell, Miami. 

If you would like to visit us, please make an appointment at sales@gipcco.com or DM us on instagram.